BRANDCREA Ltd is a Creative Communications Agency operating in London and Istanbul. We specialise in video production, video marketing and event marketing for the Food&Drink and Hospitality Industry. We mainly concentrate on experiencing and make people memorising moments.

There are two strategic brands for marketing under the roof of BRANDCREA Ltd;


We provide hybrid marketing services that both an event and video marketing for brands.

We create moments worth remembering. By combining the real and digital world, we are creating a moment that makes people feel happy when they remember in the future. Following this, we are publishing all video and photo contents on our social media platforms and making digital marketing.

Be Our Partner, Be Visible! We organise events at our member venues to increase their sales and allow people to experience good drinks and foods at an affordable price.

Additionally, we have a Facebook Group page as 1D1M Community. Our Facebook Group provides about, food&beverage, hospitality industry professionals and end-user matching, cocktails, spirits, connecting, socialising and more about our further events. Let come and share your experiences with others.

“Happiness isn’t something you experience, it’s something you remember.” Oscar Levant.

WAFFSWAGON – Belgian Waffles

WAFFSWAGON is our own brand and we use our product for our events to make a different experience. We do not have a branch anywhere that the concept is a mobile Belgian Waffle Bar. If people would like to experience our special and original Belgian Waffle taste, they need to catch us at our events.

Proudly, we would like to say that we organised the first special Cocktails and Waffle Tasting events in Turkey.

Also, we provide a Belgian Waffle Bar Catering Service for corporates and personal group events.


Our Works:

2020 – London / UK

1D1M Drinking, Connecting and Socialising Event in Kindred London.

F&D Proje Ltd UK: Digital Media Management, Video Content Creation, Creative Content Creation.
Cambro Turkey: Social Media Management and PR& Marketing, managed sponsorship relations for MasterChef Turkey.
Cambro Middle East: Digital Media Management.
Positivorld: Brand Consultancy, Branding, Production, Video Content Creation for YouTube and Social Media Platforms.
Brown-Forman: Strategic Brand Promoting, Exclusive Cocktail Master Class Experience Events.
World Class 2018: Production and Promoting on Digital Media. Moreover, promoted mixologists who were competitors.
World Class 2018: Kevin Patnode Workshop’s Production and Promoting
DHL Turkey: Production for Future is Now CS & Marketing Event
Istanbul Cocktail Festival: Production and Promoting.
Diageo Johnnie Walker Scotch Experience Wine Cask Blend Lansman in Mikla Restaurant – Production and Promoting.
Neşedabad Cocktail Bar: Production and Promoting.
Inspired Choice Botanic Lab.: Cocktail Masterclasses Event, Production, Promoting.
Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar: Events, Cocktail Masterclasses, Swing Dance Workshops, Production, Promoting.
Whisper Kitchen and Bar: Event, Cocktail Masterclasses with Brown-Forman Products, Swing Dance Workshops, Production, Promoting.
The Grand Tarabya Diba Bar: Cocktails Promoting
Magi Beach Bodrum: Production, Promoting
WAFFSWAGON: Event, Waffles & Cocktails Experience with Jack Daniels, Botanist.
ADCO Fine Wines and Good Spirits: Product Video Shooting and Promoting.
Kokteyl Gunlukleri: Menu Design
Bartenders, Mixologists: Production, Promoting.

Cocktail Masterclass Events;

Exclusive Cocktails & Swing Dance Experience in Whisper Kitchen and Bar (2 times)
Cocktails & Perfume Experience in Inspired Choice Botanic Lab.
Cocktails & Swing Dance Experience in Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar
Cocktails & Shim Sham Experience in Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar
Six O’Clocktail Happy Hours for Mathilda’s Cocktail Bars that increased their cocktails sales.
Cocktails & Waffles & Swing Dance for WAFFSWAGON Belgian Waffle Experience in Horse Farm