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Cocktails at Home with Ladies and Gentleman Bar – London | Virtual


Hi Everyone,


And we have great news! A year has passed and now finally we have started to return to normal life. I hope all of you are well and healthy. We know you are as excited as us to get together again… Your “Cocktails at Home” pack will be promptly sent to the address that you have provided.

So, now is the time to start DRINKING, CONNECTING, CELEBRATING, SOCIALISING for #OneFineMoment!

We are starting with virtual events, and then step by step we will continue with creating Covid safe outdoor and indoor events by following the government rules and recommendations.

Here is our first event on Zoom. We welcome you all in joining us in turning your home into a bar for the evening! and we will be focusing on how to make 3 expert cocktails in style…..like a pro does!

Event Details:

Your “Cocktails at Home” pack will be promptly sent to the address that you have provided.

Which cocktails will we make?

– Cosmopolitan

– Negroski

– Black Forest Espresso Martini.

What’s in the pack?

– 50 ml of Vestal Crafted Vodka

– 50 ml Vestal Raspberry and Blackcurrant Vodka

– 50 ml Vestal Black Cherry Vodka

What else do you need ready, before the event?

– Ice

– Glassware

– Limes

– Campari

– Vermouth

– Cranberry Juice

– Coffee (Brewed)

– Something to shake and stir the drinks.

Note: Ticket selling will be closed on 22 March 2021. And then we will send your deliveries.

We can’t wait to meet with you again. See you on-screen soon!

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We look forward to you joining us at the cocktail masterclass!

BC Team.